The pioneers of organic electronics


Founded in 2010 by two STMicroelectronics employees and a third co-founder, the company was established with one goal in mind: to become a leader in organic electronics. In the late 2000s, the two cofounders from STMicroelectronics saw the potential of the Liten’s research in this field and Isorg has taken full advantage of this disruptive technology. Unlike silicon etching, organic electronics allows successive layers to be printed thanks to liquid inks with unique properties. “This technology produces electronic components that are flexible and thin. They can be integrated into any material such as paper, plastic or fabric. The ability to give numerous surfaces the capacity for vision opens the door to many new applications.” highlights Laurent Jamet, one Isorg’s co-founders.

A production line in the works. In 2010, Isorg launched a collaborative effort with the Liten to create the necessary equipment for a complete production line. Having advanced far enough in this process, Isorg is now working on a production line that will meet the demands of the health and humanmachine interface markets, among others. The company raised €6.4 million in July 2014 to help reach this objective.

Mass production thanks to support from CEA Tech : The Liten Printed Components Laboratory has more than 40 researchers who are dedicated to organic electronics research. “The laboratory is ranked among the top five researcher centers in this field.” points out Christophe Serbutoviez, head of the laboratory shared with Isorg. In 2012, the Liten’s launch of a test production line (PIC-TIC) was a key step in Isorg’s path towards mass production. “PIC-TIC allowed us to create prototypes, test the relevance of certain printed components, estimate the best production capacities and understand how to reach maximum production levels.” adds Christophe Serbutoviez. The PIC-TIC platform nowplays a strategic role in helping companies prepare for mass production.


Magazine Présences (Grenoble), October 2014 

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