ISORG Magic Twist and Magic Slider, the post tactile technologies


ISORG has developed innovative user interfaces / man-machine interfaces based on optical sensors in printed and organic electronics, the Magic Twist 
and Magic Slider. Thanks tolarge area photodetectors positioned below the surface, glass and plastic surfaces are transformed into smart surfaces able of hand proximity detection and gesture recognition.

These surfaces can be used as tactile surfaces with highly robust usages  (operating with grease and water at the surface, operation with gloves) in particular for home appliances products and industrial applications.  They can be used also without any contact with the surface operating  at a few centimeters above the surface (by detection of infra-red light  reflected by the hand). This touchless operation enables creation of  highly innovative and high value products for home appliances
(such as induction cooktop).

Videos on line on Youtube :

Magic Twist :

Magic Slider :