Interactive surfaces for smart packaging, optical sensors create the magic


Imagine a bottle or package able to detect proximity or position of your hand and start to illuminate. Imagine a P.O.S (Point-Of-Sales) display able to see people moving around and attract you, starting to sing. Imagine a surface able to detect when you take the perfume box and emitting the perfume fragrance. All these funny functionalities are now possible thanks to the latest developments of optical sensors in printed electronics, combined with other technologies such as electroluminescent panel, LED or printed loudspeaker.

These sensors are based on organic photodetectors able to measure and sense the light, detect objects over the surface, detect motion of people or position of  hands to control light and sound effects. Using thin and light plastic substrates, they are very easily integrated on paper or plastic surfaces and in packaging elements by lamination.

Printed electronics is a sales booster to engage people, influence  purchase and build brand. It creates magic, fun and buzz. This technology enables new interaction with consumers for eye catcher POS displays in supermarkets for creation  of new marketing tools for consumer goods industry, or in selective distribution shops for perfume and cosmetics.

These sensors can be integrated in bottle packaging to create high value products for limited series of spirits for brand recognition : imagine a champagne bottle package transformed into interactive loudspeaker able to change track or increase volume by approaching your hand.

These sensors can be also integrated into posters to control multimedia animations on remote TV display, launching videos, navigating on presentation or photos album : many applications are considered for professional exhibitions, museums, corporate halls. Think about new posters for teenagers to control music of remote smart phone music dock station by moving your hand over the poster, up and down to control the volume, right and left to move to next track.

New product creation is now possible for gaming and book industry : imagine a paper or plastic surface transformed into a virtual ping-pong table able to detect motion of hands over the surface and illuminate virtual ball position. Imagine a paper surface transformed into a virtual DJ table able to detect rotation of hand. Imagine a book able to recognize physical objects such as letters or numbers for kid education.

This technology enables also new merchandizing functionalities transforming surfaces of shops into interactive surfaces able to detect presence of box for anti-theft or new customer interaction (starting light or sound animation when taking the box)

Some of these new concepts became reality with ISORG. ISORG is a new company based in Grenoble (France) developing and manufacturing optical sensors on plastic in printed electronics. ISORG has developed very unique expertise for integration of their sensors to the packaging, graphics and communication industry by offering complete engineering services for prototype and product creation : sensor design and manufacturing, electronics system design, light-sound-display technologies integration (with partners), product design (with partner design house). Videos of these exciting developments in smart packaging are available on (keyword: isorg)

OPE (Organic & Printed Electronics) Journal, May 2013