Isorg demonstrates interactive surface at Plastic Electronics 2012 : VIDEO


ISORG, a start-up established to commercialise sensors based on organic electronics in France, has demonstrated its interactive surface technology at Plastic Electronics 2012.

The company displayed an interactive poster for Minalogic, a competitive cluster grouping R&D organisations to support networking and development of innovative technologies. The group was keen to work with Isorg to use the demonstrator, to show what organic electronic technology could provide.

The demonstrator attracted plenty of attention at the event, and the technology is already being recognised and taken seriously. Isorg is currently in talks with a major food manufacturer about using the technology in packaging.

Laurent Jamet, co-founder of Isorg, comments: 'The demonstrator at Plastic Electronics 2012 shows the possible benefits of the technology, illustrating how it allows surfaces to work with the user, and triggering attention to what organic sensors can do.'

As well as the potential in the food packaging industry, Jamet also believes the technology will work with other markets: 'Interactive surfaces can be used as a point of view display for supermarkets, for displays in museums, packaging in the spirits and cosmetics markets, and more. They can allow users to bring up information, watch videos and more.'

Minalogic will use the demonstrator at various events around the world to highlight both its aims of grouping research to bring technologies to market, and Isorg's innovations with organic electronics.

Phil Curry - 01 November 2012

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