Isorg invests in pilot line for organic electronic sensors


ISORG, a start-up set up to commercialise sensors based on organic electronics developed within CEA-Liten in France, has completed its pilot line and will begin producing products by the end of 2012.
The company is currently qualifying its production process. Initially products likely to feature Isorg's sensor strips will include toys and merchandise, in 2013.

Based in Grenoble Isorg was set up in 2010 to develop and industrialise organic photodetectors and image sensors. The company's co-founder, Laurent Jamet, says Isorg is working on a number of applications for its sensors in various industries including white goods, consumer electronics and lighting. The firm is also working with OEMs, many of whom are interested in using the sensors as a platform technology, forming the basis of different medical industry applications.

A high-volume production line is planned for 2012, also in Grenoble, for making Isorg's plastic electronic sensors on larger-area substrates .

The pilot line includes screen, inkjet, slot die, gravure and sputtering tools for producing the sensors in a fully printable, air-ambient process to reduce production costs as demand and volumes increase. The company has a strong patent portfolio in organic printed electronics, CMOS devices and organic photodetectors, developing optical sensors able to convert visible and near-infrared light into information for sensor functionality.

As well as manufacturing its sensors for various markets, Isorg plans in the coming years to licence its technology to the Asian display industry, for integrating more advanced sensors into consumer electronics.

Sara Ver-Bruggen - 30 Jul 2012
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