ISORG at Smart Sensing Conference Berlin

2015, May 21-22nd


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ISORG will be speaker at the Smart Sensing Conference, Connected Intelligence in Berlin.


Towards connected intelligence

This Premier Global Strategy Conference brings together key stakeholders in the emerging field of wired, wireless and mesh sensor networks in an interactive conference and expo setting.

Sensor networks are becoming ubiquitous, moving well beyond the world of smartphones, tablets and wearables, and will eventually embed and integrate connected intelligence in everything we do. Sensor networks will be the very core of the Internet of Things.

The Smart Sensing Conference and expo brings together top level representatives from along the electronics value chain with their peers from the end-user industry. The interactive setting of the conference will facilitate the exchange of strategic visions and views about the next generation of sensor-driven networks creating new business opportunities and new business models. Thus shaping the future of electronics through connected intelligence.  


Key Technology Drivers

  • Two and a half billion people connected through the internet worldwide and growing at a CAGR of 15% annually
  • Wireless wide-area networks available and accessible worldwide even in remote areas such as Africa, based on worldwide standardized communication protocols
  • Availability of handheld mobile device infrastructure and technology availability even under off-grid and nomadic conditions
  • Seamless access of applications and services through IT software development creating interoperability worldwide. Making internet truly ubiquitous
  • Emerging ultra low power sensor architecture , enabled through heterogeneous integration of low cost IC data processing combined with on-board energy harvesting, based on printed thin film technology

Key Application Drivers

  • ICT is the primary enabler of 80% of innovations and 40% of productivity improvement in business processes according to the EU Digital Agenda [2010]
  • ICT enabled sensor networks could have a disruptive impact in key markets such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and many others, based on the integration of functionalities [such as data capturing, dataprocessing, data communication, and data analysis] towards application driven control and managing information
  • Sensor networks are creating added value through connected intelligence, i.e. the heterogeneous combination of application specific infrastructure and embedded digital systems

Key Business Drivers

  • Need for redesigning of business processes for technology driven companies in developed economies, to maintain a leading role and control of end-user markets. Off-shoring and autonomous development of applied R&D, engineering and manufacturing to developing economies causing exsistential threads and loss of employment
  • Need for productivity leap in developed economies towards higher value added technology based services, in order to compensate for a reduction in productive work force. And in order to maintain current wealth levels
  • Need for higher efficiencies in the use of natural resources and reduction of the CO2 footprint of consumables and energy consumpion by tuning manufacturing processes [on-demand] and reducing inefficiencies [local- for-local] PPT

Key Application Areas

  • Technology development enhanced through the integration of semiconductor [IC] and information & communication technology [ICT] will greatly enhance the development and emergence of human centered services.
  • The merge of these technologies will be the key drivers for the development of software-as-as-service [Saas] and Software-as-a-Platform [PaaS] in order to increase safety & security, health, comfort and wellbeing, and other services in the ambient environment. New business opportunities and models will emerge as a result of that.
  • Sensor networks will provide the data capturing, data communication and data fusion and data analysis platform to enable these developments, tucked away to hide and to solve the technical complexities. Technology at the service of humans.