ISORG at Smart Plastics International Congress 2013

2013, June 11

Linz, Austria

ISORG will be speaker at the Smart Plastic Congress 2013

There are many organisations around the world whose
research and engineering activities focus on bringing
wider and smarter functionality to plastic components
and new product design. A multidisciplinary approach
allows to access and combine diverse technologies.
This leads to innovations at the intersections of electronics,
polymers and design, triggering the cr eation of
novel application solutions. A challenge within smart
plastics is that the combined technologies, manufacturing
techniques and created product designs have the
potential to disrupt existing value chains and markets.
Therefore the smart plastic platform of technologies
can be used to create completely new designed products,
or to enable disruptive improvements to existing
products for example in areas like sensing surfaces,
rapid diagnostic or for embedding novel optical
or electrical features in 3D plastic products.
The main goal of the Congress is to inform about
smart plastic techniques and solutions to generate
ideas for new applications and products.

Machines, devices and plastic components of every type are receiving a
second skin. Via sensors they are learning to interact with people and mediate
between the world and us as int elligent assistants. This is creating a fundamental
change in the quality of our per ception, as we can thus amplify our
senses by leaps and bounds to a previously unknown extent.
The omnipresence of computers, which has become a matter of course, in
tandem with their networking, forms the infrastructure for this purpose. In
the future, calculation capacity will no longer be the prime consideration, but
rather the quality of physical interfaces. Smart Plastics combine the three key
components comprised by electronics, plastics and design to create one of the
most significant constitutive instruments for the coming decade.
For some time, we have been linked with another via the w eb and Smart Plastics
mean that we will be increasingly involved with the things that surround
us. Almost casually they will register our real activities and provide value
added for us individually and collectively from the data generated.
Experience and interact with the environment. Anywhere and in real time.
With the pushing back of the limits at the int erfaces between humans and
machines, our possibilities will multiply in an exponential manner.
Learn more about developments in the threshold area formed by plastics,
electronics and design at the 2 nd Smart Plastics Congress.