ISORG at COLAE Workshop on OLAE Devices, future research challenges in organic and large area electronics

2012, October 09

Messe Dresden

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ISORG will participate and be speaker at the next COLAE workshop.

COLAE is a European coordination and support action with the target to accelerate the commercialization of organic and large area electronics (OLAE). Within this project a series of workshops is organized aiming to collect and identify the important research challenges for the next phase of OLAE technology and potential emerging applications. You can get much more information on the website
The first workshop within this context has been already held in Oulu, Finland, covering the area of OLAE systems and applications. Now the upcoming workshop will take place on Oct 9th¬¬, 2012 in conjunction with Plastic Electronics Conference and Exhibition in Dresden and will focus on next generation of OLAE devices. It is planned as an interactive event with key research and industrial partners of European OLAE clusters.

COLAE Workshop on OLAE Devices -
Future research challenges in organic and large-area electronics

Date: Tuesday, 9. October 2012, 9:00 – 12:00 h
Location: Messe Dresden, Hall 4, Room Breslau


9:00 Welcome, Introduction to COLAE

9:10 Invited presentations

Laurent Jamet,
ISORG, director of business development

• Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth,
Novaled, CSO

• Luigi Occhipinti,
ST Microelectronics, Program Director Flexible & Disposable Electronics

• Prof. Karlheinz Bock,
Fraunhofer EMFT and TU Berlin, Chair of Polytronic Microsystems

10:30 Introduction round participants

Interest in OLAE, emerging devices, barriers

11:00 Discussion on Research, Development and Commercialisation Aspects in COLAE

12:00 Workshop Summary