ISORG at IPI Workshop, Bringing Interactivity & Magic to Promotional Displays & Packaging

2012, June 13


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ISORG will contribute to the next workshop organised by IPI Europe for his innovative developments, Bringing Interactivity & Magic to Promotional Displays & Packaging.

IPI (Europe) Limited provides a range of independent services associated with emerging and disruptive technologies.

IPI is specialised in ‘thought-leadership’ Programmes aimed at engaging end-users via interactive Sessions which focus on Applications rather than underlying technology details.

The 2012 programme covers all emerging and potentially disruptive technology from printed electronics that deliver ‘interactivity’ in various forms.

It brings together companies, across the value chain, seeking to identify where real opportunities exist for your company with smart interactive systems for enabling customer communication.
The Programme is designed to help you decide where the real opportunities may exist for your company with the next generation of smart & interactive products, based on printed electronics and other emerging technologies and sets out to avoid the sterile question & answer sessions that often occur at conferences by encouraging lively debate between the participants.

This Session mixes formal presentations with a workshop where participants can probe what is real & what is available from a practical point of view. The emphasis is on applications, rather than ’techspeak’. With contributions from leading technology providers and early adopters Programme Sessions are specifically designed to accelerate understanding, and reduce the risks, associated with the commercial uptake of new technologies that can enable smart & interactive products & packaging.

They involve a rich mix of participants who are seeking to understand the impact of Printed Electronics on their business & want to take steps towards adoption & commercial exploitation. And even more importantly, the Sessions demonstrate real product and/or components that allow participants to see for themselves what is already possible.