ISORG at Plastic Electronics 2012

2012, October 09


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ISORG will be speaker at Printed Electronics 2012, Dresden, for the Business Case of Integrated Smart Systems.

When Printed Electronics meet Design, Usages and Brands for Eye‐Catching and Appealing

Laurent Jamet, ISORG Co-Founder, Director Business Development

Organic Photodetectors are new sensors developed by the Printed Electronics industry offering exciting opportunities of innovative functionalities and product developments for a large of industries.
Organic photodetectors have been enabled by development of specific conductive and semiconductor materials operating with visible and near-infrared light. They transform light into information for large area, thin and light optical sensors on plastic.
They transform plastic, paper and glass into interactive surfaces able to see motions or distances of objects, hands and persons: they become magic surfaces with light and sounds triggered by interactivity with the consumer for Advertising, Promotion and Packaging industries. A new generation of surprising interactive billboards, posters, point-of-sales materials is now possible for a large range of industries (spirits, cosmetics, food, drink, sport, interior design), organisations (education, sales & marketing, communication, design) and locations (museums, tradeshows, showrooms, shops and supermarkets,..).
Moreover, these surfaces can enable interaction of user with multimedia content (videos, photos, presentations) with remote display.
ISORG has developed the Magic Pad, an astonishing tablet for navigation without contact for navigation of 3D multimedia content. This tablet received award of international design prize and is now in exhibition in museums and OEM customers. It demonstrates new usages and new designs enabled by Printed Electronics for the high-tech industry (for 3D TV and Internet Connected displays), new user interfaces for the home appliances and industry applications.
Organic photodetectors also offer opportunities of development of breakthrough
functionalities and usages for the consumer electronics products (TV, smartphones, tablets, GPS) by integration into display : energy saving, high visual comfort for usage outdoor in bright sun, 3D navigation by gesture recognition, document scanning.
They can be used also for industrial applications for medical imaging and diagnostics.
ISORG is the pioneer Printed Electronics company for Organic Photodetectors and Image Sensors, ready to start his first product developments with his pilot manufacturing line in Grenoble, a 500 m2 clean room with a set of dedicated printing equipments (inkjet, screen printing, slot die coating).