2012, February 07 – 2012, February 09


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ISORG will be at IMAGINA 2012 with VISIOBURST to expose his latest development based on his Magic Pad for 3D navigation for 3D map visualtion on 3D displays.

The leading annual European event for 3D
imagina is an annual international event whose objective is to showcase the many fields across which 3D visualisation and simulation technologies are applied, promoting them to decision makers and technical experts, presenting pioneering initiatives, encouraging participants to share their experiences and helping experienced users to transfer their skills to those who want to develop them..

A comprehensive overview of technological progress

imagina brings together professionals from all around the world who are seeking solutions in analysing, diagnostics, decision making, consultation, presentation and communications in the key areas of development, processing, construction, manufacturing and design. More specifically, the event focuses on the transport, design and manufacturing, architecture, urbanism, landscaping and dentistry sectors.