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ISORG has developed innovative solution for inventory control and warehouse management.

This complete solution is based on optical detection of boxes and items stocked in a shelf.

Optical sensors are printed photodetectors integrated in thin adhesive strips of plastic that can be easily sticked in a shelf.

ISORG is offering complete solution for smart shelf solutions with sensor strips, readout electronics and communication to the central warehouse information system by wireless link or wired connection.

These sensors are robust to dust and scratch for industrial environment and easily implemented on existing equipment without retrofit.

Specific solutions can be developed on-demand for customer specific request.

These new generation of sensors answer to industry 4.0 initiative for creation of new services of supply chain management and operations management with automatic refill ordering.Thanks to these sensors, a complete mapping of goods is available in real-time, as alternative or complementary technology to RFID and bar code. 

Typical applications : 

  • Industrial supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution


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