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ISORG participates to several collaborative R&D programs driven by applications and innovative product development

ISORG is partner of the ROXTAR program for medical X ray imaging.

Goal of the ROXTAR  is development of new sensors for medical X ray imaging with following objectives :

. Cost reduction of the sensor thanks to organic photodetector manufacturing process

. Development of sensor on plastic substrate for more robust equipment (robust to shock)

. Development of new portable equipment with new functionalities

Partners are Trixell (Trixell is joint-venture company of Philips - Siemens - Thales), CEA Grenoble, ISORG, Cedrat Technologies, Institut d'Optique, Université Jean Monnet 

Budget : 7.5M€ 



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ISORG is partner of the OPTIPAT program for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for pharmacy, agro-food an water industries

Initiated by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the PAT initiative encourages industrial companies to use this new technology in process control, quality control and productivity.

The main goal of OPTIPAT project is to develop in-line analysis tools, based on optical disruptive technology, including innovative measurement solutions :

 . a "in-line" sensor that allows simultaneous physical and chemical characterisation of products in solid or liquid process

. a software package for real time data processing for process control

Main applications are focused on pharmaceutical, agro-food, water industries

The expected benefits of the real-time product quality monitoring are economic productiivity gains, a better understanding of industrial process in production and product quality consistency.

Typical functionalities are turbidimetry, colorimetry, particles density monitoring 

Organic photodetectors offer multiple benefits : large area sensing (with specific sensor design), multipoints measurement, flexible sensor easy to use and integrate on existing equipments without retrofit 

Partners are Indatech (project leader), Sanofi-Aventis, Ondalys, Imeca Process, Armines laboratory, CEA Grenoble, CNRS Alpes, IUSTI (Université Provence Marseille) 

Budget : 3M€