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Organic Photodiodes on Plastic

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Organic photodiodes and organic photo-resistances on plastic : 

Similar optical performances to silicon components (sensitivity, linearity, dynamic range, dark current,..)

Operation in visible and near-infra red 

3 different organic materials are available, each one optimized for a different wavelength.

Compatible with system-on-foil integration (co-integration of printed sensors with discrete components and integrated circuits on plastic)

Cost competitive thanks to fully printed, high throughput manufacturing process (air ambient and temperature ambient conditions)

Manufacturing with ISORG  pilot manufacturing line based in Grenoble (32cm x 38cm plastic foils)

Mass production unit planned for end 2015 with 60cm x 70cm plastic foils


Differentiators from silicon technologies :

Large sensing area  (few mm2 to few cm2) for robust sensor operation (resistance to dust, scratch,..) 

Easy and unique mechanical integration : extremely thin, light, conformable, robust to shock 

Possibility of custom sensor design (few mm2 to few cm2 area, rectangular or circular form factor, integration as sensor strip


Typical applications and markets :

Smart surfaces for object detection (logistics, asset management, retail) 

Smart surfaces for touchless user interfaces and gesture recognition (home appliances, industry) 

Industrial process control, PAT (process analytical technology, spatial spectroscopy) (pharmacy) 

Sensors for Industry 4.0 and Internet-Of-Things