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Large Area Image Sensors


ISORG develops solutions of large area image sensors on plastic and glass by deposition of organic photo sensitivite layers on top of transistors matrix backplane

ISORG has started cooperation with FlexEnable company for development of large area image sensors on plastic based on deposition of organic photosensitive layers on top on organic thin-film transistors.

Operation in visible and near infra-red

Large area sensing  (currently up to 32cm x 38cm, soon up to 68cm x 75cm) for large area scanning

High resolution with pixel pitch currently at 84µm and a 50µm version available in Oct 2016

Similar optical performances to silicon components (sensitivity, linearity, dynamic range, low dark current, low noise,...)

Better performances to silicon components for specific parameters such as dark current (lower variation versus temperature compared to silicon sensors)


Differentiators from silicon technologies :

Cost competitiveness thanks to fully printed process (at air ambient and temperature ambient conditions)

Easy and unique mechanical integration : extremely thin, light, conformable, robust to shock for image sensors on plastic


Typical applications and markets :

Sensors for X ray digital imaging (medical, industry, security)


Consumer electronics : display with 3D gesture recognition, scanning surfaces

Industry (automation)