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Printed Electronics Pilot Line


Organic Printed Electronics is a disruptive technology based on totally new solutions in terms of materials and manufacturing process steps compared to the semiconductor technology.

The “Organic” word comes from the organic chemistry industry. Chemists developed these materials offering conductive and semiconductor properties to use them for their electronic functionalities like the conversion from a photon to an electron and the signal processing.

The “Printed” word comes from manufacturers of equipments for thin film material deposition. ISORG is using organic materials which are solution processable materials and are deposited at ambient temperature in different ways such as screen printing and slot die coating.

ISORG has developed industrial solution on his pilot line based in Grenoble :

. 600 marea

. 10 000 class clean room 

. sheet-to-sheet manufacturing with 32cm x 38cm plastic foils

. cost effective process : fully printed process at air ambient and temperature conditions 

 Mass production / high throughput manufacturing site is planned for operations in 2015.