Automatic Inventory Management

Key benefits

  • Constant availability of the goods
  • Cost reduction in procurement
  • Time-saving for maximum productivity growth
  • Large number of detection points at the same time

Automatic Inventory Management 9

Key values

  • Fully automated system : no human operation required
  • Periodic reading of instantaneous stock reported to ERP
  • Reorder operations and configuration managed through a web console
  • Robust in industrial / severe environment
  • Many systems can operate on the same industrial location or on many different sites.


  • Industrial supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution

Automatic Inventory Management 7

What solutions ?

In line with industry 4.0 requirements for new services of
supply chain management and operations management
with automatic refill ordering.

Smart Logistics

  • Comprehensive solution for logistics (electronics and software)
  • Specific solutions developed on-demand
  • Possible retro fitting in existing mechanics
  • Dust and scratch proof for industrial environment
  • Fast prototyping and manufacturing capabilities
  • Certified solution (IEC and CB scheme)

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