Border control 4

Border control 2

Key benefits

  • Compact optical fingerprint scanner
  • Enable mobile ID large scanner
  • Enable larger slim scanner to product roadmap of biometry (like Palm scanner)

Key values

  • FBI specs proof (PIV & AppF)
  • Mobile ID compatible
  • Work indoor and outdoor condition
  • Better performance in humidity than capacitive sensor

Border control 3

Border control 6


  • Border Control
  • Police
  • Voting

What solutions ?

Isorg’s technology enables light, robust, FBI compliant scanner

Biometrics – Fingerprint

  • Leading OPD technology worldwide
  • Slim Optical filter design
  • Integrated GOA Sensor architecture on thin substrate
  • PIV and App F compatible

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Isorg is led by a team of senior executives and technical experts from the hi-tech electronics and optical industries, offering complete solutions for large-area image sensors.   It is where you can find complete solution offerings, design customized solution, in-house manufacturing, and local technical support.
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