Grenoble, France, December 9, 2019 – The world leader in organic printed electronics experienced a very strong growth in its turnover from export in 2018, in particular thanks to a key account in Germany. After starting its manufacturing plant in Limoges – FRANCE, Isorg is significantly ramping-up.

What are the markets that Isorg is addressing?

Jean-Yves Gomez, Isorg CEO: Our main activity today is logistics. We equip shelves with sensors to make them smart. In other words, thanks to our technology we allow our customers to manage their stocks in real time. This activity represents 80% of our turnover. The rest is split between the smartphone market and the security biometrics one.

Why does export represent 97% of your total turnover?

Because we were not able to identify customers in France yet! In concrete fact, French are not first adopters when it comes to new technologies, unlike German, American, or Chinese, who are more inclined to test a technology even if it is not yet mature. We started production of our smart shelves for a major German industrial end-user at the end of 2017. We even produced faster than expected. Today, we are in discussion to supply other customers. Isorg’s strength is being able to tailor its solutions to very different needs.

You rank the fifth among French-Tech companies in terms of the number of patents filed. What areas do you pursue your R&D efforts in?

We mainly work on biometric applications for smartphones and security, as well as on hybrid cameras for applications such as mobile phones. Although we have just signed a close partnership with the Japanese giant Sumitomo Chemical to develop new materials used for fingerprint sensors and hybrid cameras.

How was 2019? Your outlook for 2020?

2019 marked an important revolution for Isorg. We had to integrate other skills because the company is now developing its own optics and integrated circuits for its sensors. By mid-2020, we will start the production of sensors for smartphones. And we have, in parallel, many developments in progress, including one particularly one in the autonomous vehicle!

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