Large area Fingerprint-on-Display (FoD) based on organic printed electronics improves smartphone user experience

Live demo will take place at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Fira Gran Via, Hall 5 booth #5B61-36, February 27th – March 2nd, 2023

Limoges, France, February 1st , 2023 – Isorg, a pioneer in Organic PhotoDetectors (OPDs) and large-area image sensors, today announces it will demonstrate its latest innovations for the mobile industry as well as the Security & ID market during Mobile World Congress, February 27th to March 2nd, 2023.

Isorg’s Fingerprint-on-Display (FoD) modules, in their up-to-date version for improved smartphone authentication will be showcased at MWC 2023. Visitors will have the opportunity to experiment fingerprint sensor modules of different sizes from partial display such as 20 x 30 mm² to full-display, allowing a much better user experience and supporting up to four fingers simultaneously touching a smartphone display.

In addition, Isorg’s sensors are approved for use in security applications, particularly in identification for border control, police control, access control and other facilities where the highest security levels are needed. The recent FBI certification, Isorg’s FAP30 optical fingerprint sensor FBI certification, confirms Isorg’s technology to meet stringent requirements.

For security & ID market, Isorg will demonstrate its latest FAP30 module delivering exceptional quality and durability along with high accuracy with thin, lightweight form factors, perfectly fulfilling the application requirements in moble identification.

Isorg team will be more than happy to welcome you at Hall 5 booth #5B61-36, under French pavilion to showcase its latest commercially available fingerprint modules. Let’s also discuss your future needs where our disruptive technology can bring significant added value. If you’re looking for slim solutions for larger form factors in Security market, your answer for FAP45 or FAP60 can be there. You may also be interested to explore vein imaging solutions or even SWIR (Short-Wavelength InfraRed) sensing feature. You may have questions about display industry trends, with increasing resolution such as 4K displays, the convergence towards POL-less (polarizer-less) technology or even in-cell integration of OPDs fingerprint sensing feature. A discussion at our booth need to be scheduled.

About Isorg

Isorg is a pioneer in organic and printed electronics for large area photodetectors and image sensors. It offers a new generation of high-performance imagers with the capability for easy integration into systems with various shapes or form factors. Its flexible image sensors have application in consumer electronics, ID security and access control, IoT and medical devices. In 2020, it launched the first worldwide demonstrator of full-screen sized Fingerprint on Display (FoD) for smartphones. A year later, it received the first worldwide FBI certificate for an organic photodiode-based fingerprint module for the security & ID market. Founded in 2010 and partnering with CEA-Liten, a leading French innovation center for new energy technologies and nanomaterials, Isorg has raised €58.2M (approx. $59M) in four financing rounds.


Nicolas Bernardin, Business Development Director

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