Isorg’s full-screen fingerprint sensor on smartphone display supporting multi-finger authentication will showcase at      CES 2020

Largest surface Fingerprint-on-Display (FoD) designed with organic printed electronics will bring higher data security to mobile devices

Live demo will take place at Eureka Park Tech West – Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G booth #50463, January 7 – 10, 2020

Grenoble, France, December 11, 2019 – Isorg, a pioneer in organic photodetectors (OPDs) and large-area image sensors, today announces it will demonstrate its full-screen Fingerprint-on-Display (FoD) module for improved multi-finger smartphone authentication at CES 2020. It supports up to four fingers simultaneously touching a smartphone display.

Isorg’s FoD module responds to demands from OEMs and end-users for higher security technologies that can support large surface area fingerprint sensing. Solutions currently available are restricted to single finger identification within a surface area of less than 10mm x 10mm. In contrast, Isorg’s FoD module supports one- to four-finger authentication across the entire dimensions of the 6-inch smartphone display (or even larger). In addition, the module is very thin, less than 0.3mm thick, so integration into smartphones is made easy for OEMs.

“Isorg is excited to demonstrate what could be the future in multi-fingerprint-on-display security to strengthen authentication on smartphones and wearable devices,” said Jean-Yves Gomez, CEO at Isorg. “Our Fingerprint-on-Display module provides OEMs with a complete solution. In addition to the image sensor, it includes other hardware: optimized thin film optical filters developed in-house and driving electronics, as well as software from our industrial partners covering the interface with smartphone OS and the matching algorithm. Isorg has achieved a significant milestone in designing a scalable FoD solution that provides excellent performance results, it is compatible with foldable displays and easier to implement than existing technologies.”

Isorg’s four-finger authentication capability builds a strong case for improving smartphone security for mobile banking and payments, personal health monitoring and remote home control applications. This includes enhanced data protection for wearables, such as access control. By enabling far more identification data to be captured with multiple fingers, it significantly reduces the risk of false finger identity theft. Isorg’s technology also brings ease-of-use advantages as people can conveniently place their fingerprints anywhere on the display.

“Isorg’s OPD technology is used to develop both rigid glass and polyimide substrate sensors, making it compatible with sleek phone designs with a flexible curved-edge display. It is also future-ready for gadgets with foldable displays,” added Gomez.

Smartphone OEMs will be able to sample Isorg’s Fingerprint-on-Display module in spring 2020. In parallel, Isorg is also extending development of its FoD for application in the biometrics security market, aimed at meeting growing security needs in access control, border control and other identity access management areas, including mobile ID applications.

Isorg will showcase its Full-Screen Fingerprint-on-Display module at CES in Las Vegas, Eureka Park Tech West – Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G booth #50463 from January 7 – 10, 2020.

About Isorg

Isorg is a pioneer in organic and printed electronics for large area photo-detectors and image sensors. It offers a new generation of high-performance imagers with the capability for easy integration into systems with various shapes or form factors. Its flexible image sensors have application in medical devices, ID security and access control, IoT and consumer electronics. In 2016, it launched the first worldwide proof of concept of a large-sized high-resolution (500 dpi) flexible plastic fingerprint sensor for biometric security and other applications. Created in 2010 and partnering with CEA-Liten, a leading French innovation center for new energy technologies and nanomaterials, Isorg achieved a Series B fundraising round amounting to €8M ($8.9M) in 2014, followed by a €24M ($26.6M) fundraising round in 2018.

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