Organic Photodiode (OPD)

Converting light into an electrical signal using printing-based materials allows to overcome some of the traditional silicon limitation. Printing based photodiodes have demonstrated cost effective process and compatibility with Flat Panel industry equipment making this solution viable for volume production.

From visible spectrum to near-infrared (up to 1100nm)

Remarkable device performances have been obtained thanks to easily adjustable optoelectronic properties of the synthetized organic semiconductor; the recent development of low bandgap polymers gave the ability to address application from visible spectrum to near-infrared (up to 1100nm).

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Image sensor

Isorg’s team has strong knowledge in integration of printing-based photodiode on different substrate (Glass, Polyamide i.e. PI, …) allows us to do image sensor of different size and shape dedicated to several applications. The OPD is compatible with all type of transistor technology (a-Si, LTPS, IGZO, organic, …)

The image sensor is also designed by Isorg’s team so it would fit perfectly the application and technology constraints.

The optical filter

Just like a lens in a camera, the optical filter allows all light rays to be in focus on the image sensor.

However, unlike traditional camera optics, it has to be only few µm thick.

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Complete solutions

On two major market Biometrics and Smartphone with five main components:

– The organic photodiode

– The image sensor array (substrate and reading circuit)

– The read-out integrated circuit

– The optical filter

– The embedded software

Isorg’s team also work on the assembly of all these components to make it a ready for use solution.

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Other addressed applications:

  • IOT Logistics: inventory control
  • Touchless display
  • Aeronautics air flow monitoring
  • Xray image sensor

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