Before Cliff joined isorg, he worked 25 years in STMicroelectronics (ST) with relevant solid experience and track records.

Cliff started his international career with ST as a young microchip design engineer based in Singapore. After gaining 5 years technical experience in product development, Cliff moved back to his home city Hong Kong and took up new challenges in developing consumer electronics business in China in the 90s. He quickly found his passion in business development since then and had took up instrumental positions as Regional Business Unit Manager since late 90s in developing significant new international business of ST in Asia-Pacific.

These includes:

  1. successfully built up a marketing and application support team in Greater China from 1997 to 2002 and worked closely with the Product Division in France and won designs extensively in various partners and OEMs of the digital TV ecosystem. This contributed to over 60% market share of set-top-box System-on-Chip when the market boomed from 2004 onwards
  2. led a strong team in Korea in working closely with product division team in France and won major designs in worldwide leading TV OEMs in Korea. Significant result includes over 80% market share of multimedia processor IC in the European Connected TV line-ups of the top Tier TV OEM in 2008.

Cliff then took up various director positions in Business unit of the TV & Display Product Division in ST before he left the company.

Moving forward with the isorg company team, Cliff is very excited and look forward to create new international business together with strong partners and customers worldwide.

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