Printed Electronics transforms plastic into magic surfaces able to see.

Imagine a surface able to see people moving around and to create sounds and light.

Imagine an interactive surface able to see distance and motion of your hand all over the surface for surprising animations of light and sound.

Printed electronics industry has developed a new generation of devices able to transform plastic and paper surfaces into interactive surfaces for the consumer industry : organic photodetectors are optical sensors transforming light into information, detecting any change of light caused by motion or presence of hand close to the surface. These sensors can transform traditional Point-Of-Sales posters and billboards into interactive and eye catcher posters flashing light (by integration of electroluminescent panels or surface mounted LEDs) or singing when moving around, attracting consumers surprised by such a magic surface. Thanks to their unique mechanical properties of plastic surface – thin, conformable, light and easy to attach – they offer easy solutions of integration to the graphics industry. Very innovative promotion products can be developed for the consumer industry – drinks, sweeties, sport articles – to boost sales and build brand. They can create fun and buzz for kids playing with these new interactive printed media.

These sensors can find place also for smart packaging for spirit and cosmetic industries.

Isorg is demonstrating at Printed Electronics Europe 2012 exciting products of interactive advertising. They will demonstrate posters controlled by hand moving over the poster surface without contact to navigate on photos and videos exposed on remote display.

Isorg is the pioneering company in organic and printed electronics devices for large-area photonics and image sensors, developing a disruptive technology converting plastic and glass surfaces into smart surfaces. Isorg is developing innovative solutions for interactive surfaces and 3D contactless user interfaces for advertising, home appliances, home automation, industrial and consumer electronics.

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