Slim display


High security

Flexible sensor


Eco friendly


Saving cost

Large area

Key features

Fingerprint Sensor on Display 4

  • Scalable Solution: large area to full mobile display
  • Slim fingerprint module thinner than 300 μm
  • Support 1 to 4 finger authentication
  • Robust FRR/FAR performance under various conditions including sunlight, wet and dry fingers
  • Support curved-edged phone display with polymide-substrate sensor
  • Future Ready: foldable display compatible
  • Read-Out System Controller: 1- chip ROIC with GOA control, sequencer and single power supply


  • Easy phone integration – slim large area FoD module
  • Curved and foldable display compatible
  • Cost-effective solution for large area to full display
  • High Security with Multi-fingers authentication

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What applications ?

Slim, flexible, high security large area fingerprint module for smartphones and wearables applications.


  • Banking Applications
  • Personal Health Monitoring
  • Medical File Privacy
  • Remote Home Control
  • Password Wallet

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  • Smart Watch Security
  • Access Control
  • SPO2
  • Heart Beat Rate
  • Vein Detection

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