Access control

Slim display



Custom size

Large Area

  • Large area up to 4 fingers
  • Scalable to palm size
  • Ultra slim scanner design

Biometrics - Fingerprint 6

Smart Logistics 14


  • Outdoor conditions compatible
  • Shock robust compared to prism-based technology


  • Mobile ID compatible
  • Light, flat and slim modules
  • Full range of FP module : FAP10 to FAP60

Biometrics - Fingerprint 8

FBI Certified

  • High level of image quality
  • FBI specification compatible
  • Complete fingerprint module

Key takeaways

  • Full Range of FAP size
  • Light, compact and robust
  • 1-Chip Sensor System Controller
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Outdoor usage
  • Dry Finger and wet finger
  • Mobile ID compatible

What applications ?

Uniquely robust, light, large area fingerprint module for                biometrics applications

Civil Identity

  • Border control
  • Policing
  • Citizen ID
  • Voting

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  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Cash point-ATM
  • Hospital and Clinic

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Isorg is where you can have complete solutions for large area photo-detectors and image sensors. Isorg is led by a team of senior managers and experts from the high technology and electronics industry to provide stellar services and products.
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