ISORG at GIF Roundtable


Jean-Yves Gomez, CEO of ISORG, Didier Lamouche, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of STMicroelectronics Corporate Strategic Commitee, Simone Arizzi, Photovoltaic Solutions Global Technology Director of Dupont will participate at the roundtable "emerging markets in Electronics" during the Grenoble Innovation Fair (20 and 21 October).

Innovation and the future of 'Made in Europe'
Innovation in Europe faces a new challenge: it needs foster the emergence and development of new, competitive industries with sustainable roots at home.

Relocation in recent decades has often led to separating the R&D and manufacturing capability of companies for reasons of cost, but in the medium term this rift has jeopardized their ability to innovate.
How then are we to retain the capacity to innovate and produce the advanced technology essential to sustaining our companies' competitive edge and keeping our regions attractive?

Part of the answer is certainly to be found in durably locating new manufacturing capacity on home ground, boosting our ability to ’Generate and Produce Locally'.
At the Grenoble Innovation Fair in October round-table discussions on the electronics and energy industries will help to gain a better understanding of the industrial stakes for emerging technologies such as LEDs, organic electronics, photovoltaics and energy efficiency.

Players operating in these industrial sectors - materials manufacturers, own-equipment manufacturers, producers and system builders, distributors - will be putting their heads together to discuss the future for innovative products ’Made in Europe'.