About Isorg

Isorg is where you can have complete solutions for large area photo-detectors and image sensors.

The current solutions based on silicon capacitive solution or camera solution behind the display in the market only provide a small sensing area around 1cm x 1cm.

We believe the only limitation in the high-technology world is your own imagination. The complete solutions of our sensors ensure you with cost-effective solutions for half or full display. Isorg with its profound OPD Technology and innovative design of slim optical filter provide a breakthrough in increasing the security level to support large area sensor up to full smartphone display and allows multiple fingers authentications that gives more fingerprint data per user’s ID.

Headquartered in Limoges, France, Isorg has a growing global presence across Europe and Asia. Supported by CEA LITEN which is one of the most important research centers in Europe, Isorg can tap their extensive network and deliver a complete solution for large area photo-detectors and image sensors.

The pilot line of Process R&D is put into effect in Grenoble and Bordeaux while a factory located in Limoges is well developed to promise customers a one-stop solution.

Riding on our strength of our professional knowledge on sensor technology, Isorg aims to become the leading company for opto-electronics systems in printed electronics, providing complete solutions for large area optical image sensors in our focused markets, including, smartphone, homeland security, smart inventory management.

Isorg is led by a team of senior managers and experts from the high technology and electronics industry to provide stellar services and products.

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